Goodies Sportive began as a mood board for life; a collection of images from our past and present that represent a life surrounded by music and streetwear.

As a brand, we value the aesthetics of Athleisure Culture. This is why in everything we do you can feel our inspiration, the legacy we have received from this culture and our own vision of the game. A piece of Goodies Sportive is part of our legacy, so keep their GDS pieces forever, as they will only get better with time. Our audience is into statements pieces that are unique and well-crafted. They are on the forefront of fashion and cultural movements. Highly value drive. This target is a new classic and minimalistic dressed individual, looking for a investment pieces for every-day use.

Our audience is into quality and perfect details and fabrics with the right branding. They are driven by success and representing this in the way they dress and live. Our trend-maven audience is a streetwear focused consumer, looking for the latest trends and items that connect with their values and relevant cultural movements.



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